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Lost amid the mindboggling reports of billions lost in Harvard’s endowment are the human impacts budget cuts are having on the Harvard community.

Fortunately, the intrepid reporting of the NYT helps to put a human face on this tragic story of Harvard budget cuts.

Gone are the hot breakfasts in most dorms and the pastries at Widener Library. Varsity athletes are no longer guaranteed free sweatsuits, and just this week came the jarring news that professors will go without cookies at faculty meetings.

No free lunches breakfasts? Egads!

We’ve known for some time that draconian budget cuts can happen anywhere. But Harvard? Perish the thought!

But many here assumed student life at Harvard, more than any other institution, was immune from hardship. The loss of scrambled eggs, bacon and other cooked breakfast foods in the dorms of upperclassmen on weekdays seems to have stirred the most ire.

“Students generally feel that if you come to Harvard, for what you’re paying, you should probably have the right to a hot breakfast,” said Andrea Flores, a senior who is president of the Undergraduate Council. “They want to preserve the things that are at Harvard that you can’t get anywhere else.”

If Harvard students don’t get their victuals gratis in the morning, or at the library, how will they be reminded on a daily basis that they’re better than everyone else?

Oh, and the 250 Harvard staff members who’ve actually lost their jobs as a result of budget cuts? They don’t rate more than that brief mention. Probably because they can still get a free hot breakfast on a breadline somewhere.

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