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For some odd and illogical reason, I decided this week to tackle the unpleasant job of sifting through all the footnotes in my dissertation to make sure I had my citations entered according to the proper citation style and hadn’t accidentally given multiple full citations for the same source.

It sounded like a simple task, the sort of thing I could hammer out in a couple of hours.

Boy, I was way off.

As you can see below, here’s what the actual task looked like:

Prologue: 17 pages, 18 notes

Chapter 1: 19 pages, 27 notes

Chapter 2: 46 pages, 89 notes

Chapter 3: 50 pages, 97 notes

Chapter 4: 46 pages, 93 notes

Chapter 5: 39 pages, 69 notes

Chapter 6: 38 pages, 67 notes

Chapter 7: 46 pages, 88 notes

Chapter 8: 33 pages, 67 notes

Epilogue: 8 pages, 9 notes

In case you didn’t bother counting, that’s a grand total of 342 pages with 624 footnotes. I converted them to endnotes and just printed the notes pages so I could edit them more easily, and wound up with forty-five pages of single-spaced text. I actually only counted up all this stuff after the fact, which is probably a good thing, since it might’ve been too daunting to know in advance exactly how deep I was getting myself.

Of course, this is probably one of those cases where I’d have been better off using Zotero (or EndNote, the commercial equivalent) to create my actual footnotes. But for reasons described on the “Tech of Diss” page on this blog, I decided it to pass on that. I doubt Zotero would’ve saved me much time when it came to creating the footnotes originally, but it probably would’ve spared me the hassle of having to fix individually every instance of a single source. Live and learn.

It also didn’t help matters that I’d pick up on one thing to correct — say, truncating the subsequent references to a single archival source —  halfway into my editing, which meant I’d have to go back to the beginning to make sure I caught all of them. So, I wound up having to make multiple passes, which is why it took the better part of three days to get it all done.

Still, I’ll probably have to do this again later on, once my committee reads the whole thing and gives me recommendations for changes. And I still want to rewrite the Prologue and Chapter 1. Plus, I still have another chore of a task ahead of me in inserting the images into my text. Right now a lot of notes have reminders that I need to insert the picture in question.

Oh well. That’s a task for another (three) day(s).

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